Entice Your Imagination With…

Dusk–10pm July 1-16

Watch buildings come alive through static and interactive illumination breathing life into historic architecture in the Bathurst CBD throughout the  festival.

Every night between dusk and 10pm, Illumination will create a vivid collection of light installations to immerse yourself in as you wander through town. All lighting is on rotation so you can take your time filling your senses on your journey.

The centre piece of Illumination, the Court House will be spectacular with colourful motion graphics accompanied by a rhythmic soundtrack.

Court House Lane is a new display which will surprise and delight you on the stroll towards the Enchanted Forest. Tiptoe quietly through the Fernery listening closely to the activity in the underbrush – in the magical fairy garden! Take in the striking lighting design with solid washes of colour at the Cathedral of St Michael and St John.

Don’t end your journey there. Make sure you visit the kaleidoscope of lights in Ribbon Gang Lane, Keep walking to see how the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum's collection of gems and fossils are brought to life with colour and light. 

Tips for Photographing the Illuminations

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